God allows Nigerians get away with so many stupid things – Obasanjo.


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he believes God is a Nigerian because he allows Nigerians get away with so many ”stupid things………continue reading >>>>>>>”



Speaking at the official launch of a book in Abuja on Thursday December 1, Obasanjo said the country should blame itself for failing to use the resources given to it by God.He said;


“I believe that God is a Nigerian. Bishop Kukah may not agree with me. Because God loves us so much that we have done so many stupid things and he allowed us to get away with these stupid things……...continue reading >>>>>>>


“I sincerely hope that God’s patience has no limit of elasticity because if he does, there will soon be a day that God will say: ‘No, I have heard enough.’ And if God says he has heard enough it doesn’t matter, Musikilu can write 20 books on Lettermen and Letter women, it won’t help us.


“I believe the right lessons must be learnt. We have all that we need to have. God has given us all that we need to have; that we are not doing what we should do. It is not God; we should blame ourselves………continue reading >>>>>>>”