3 Times Korra Obidi Thrilled Us With Her Energetic Dancing Skills Despite Being Heavily Pregnant.



Korra Obidi-Dean is a Nigerian dancer, singer, and model who is based in America, she is married to Dr. Austin, an American sports therapist.

Both couples are blessed with a daughter and are both expecting a child early this year. Different social media platforms have had enough of them, especially Korra Obidi’s energetic dancing style despite being heavily pregnant. What baffles the public the most is the rate at which she twists her body, not minding her condition as a pregnant mother.It seems more interesting whenever her husband stood by her whenever she is dancing. Being married to a sports therapist give her more guidelines on exercising her body at regular intervals. However, I would be sharing with us the 3 times Korra Obidi thrilled us with her energetic dancing skills despite being heavily pregnant.


#1. She thrilled us as a dancer;