39 bodies discovered as pastor orders members to ‘fast until they meet Jesus’



A Kenyan pastor named Paul Makenzi was arrested for his role in a fast that resulted in the starvation and death of church members……...continue reading >>>>>>>


According to reports, 39 bodies have been discovered on Makenzi’s property, and more shallow graves have yet to be found.At Makenzi’s Good News International Church, four people were found to be starving, raising the death toll to 43………continue reading >>>>>>>


Additionally, two children were murdered by their parents under Makenzi’s influence in order to “please God.” The pastor will be kept in custody while police conduct their inquiries, according to police.


Makenzi has previously been detained twice in relation to the deaths of children and was each time freed on bail.


Politicians in Kenya are advocating that Makenzi be held this time around due to worries about the growth of cults in the area………continue reading >>>>>>>