Air bender pastor – Evangelist shows ‘proof’ that he can walk on air [Video]


A video that has gone viral on social media shows a pastor showing his supernatural ability to walk on air………continue reading >>>>>>>



According to reports, the man of God stated he could fly like Jesus did when he walked on the water in the Bible.To dispel any doubts, he made the decision to film himself executing the aeronautic suspension miracle………continue reading >>>>>>>


The camera zoomed in on his feet, which were not touching the ground, as he approached the final step of the staircase in the video.


He was seen walking down the steps with his hands raised in the air.


While he was ‘walking on air,’ his complete body was not visible, but it appeared that something was supporting him so that it appeared as though he was suspended above the ground.


Social media users mocked the minister and circulated images implying that they did not think he performed any miracles……..continue reading >>>>>>>