Archbishop congratulates Tinubu, urges fairness.

The Archbishop Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger, Most Rev. Alexander Ibezim has urged the President-elect, Bola Tinubu to place the interest of Nigerians above tribalism, ethnicity, and acrimony….…..continue reading >>>>>>>



He also urged him to focus on nation-building, stressing that a progressive city thrives on fairness and justice.


The Archbishop gave the advice in his Presidential charge delivered at the First Session of the 13th Synod which held at St Peter’s Church, Agulu, in Anaocha Local Government Area, Anambra State….…..continue reading >>>>>>>

He said: “Based on the result pronounced and published by INEC that declared Bola Ahmed Tinubu the President-elect of this great country, we congratulate him and the entire Nigerians for the value placed on peace rather than violence.


As we look forward to the swearing-in ceremony slated for May 29, 2023, we plead with the incoming government to focus on building this nation….…..continue reading >>>>>>>


“We urge you to place the interest of the people above tribalism, ethnicity and acrimony. Nigeria belongs to all of us and every citizen must be given equal right and justice.

Nigeria belongs to all of us. We’re hoping that this administration will deliver a new Nigeria where dividends of democracy will be a shared benefits and peace will reign.”Ibezim however slammed the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, describing the 8 years as very challenging to Nigerians.


He regretted the outgoing government foisted all manner of hardship and suffering on the citizens of the country, including witnessed massive killings, kidnapping, looting and inflation