City big girls fight dirty and stripes them self over her roommate wearing BRA ( watch video).


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Fight Ensues As Student Confronts Her Endowed Roommate For Using Her Brassiere (Watch Video).

A Nigerian lady was caught on video accosting her roommate for allegedly taking her brassiere without permission.


The student entered the room to confront her roommate because she did not see the bra she had hung outside.


She tried to embarrass the lady for sharing underwear with her by recalling a time when she wore her pant.She wondered if the girl was not given money while coming to school which is probably why she is using other people’s things.


The lady ridiculed her for being busty and parading herself as a big girl to men yet not having her own brassiere.


She told her to be using her money to buy bra and undies instead of jeans which she uses to confuse men with her derriere.


The accused lady asked her to calm down so that they can sort out the issue peacefully but the accuser spoke at the top of her voice.


After sometime, another lady walked in and tried to diffuse the situation but she only succeeded in making matters worse as the confrontational lady pushed her out of the way.The matter eventually escalated into physical fight.


Watch the video below

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