Coping with big backside is not easy” Hilda Baci shows off her big waist; says she has problems with clothes.

Hilda Baci, a Nigerian cook and current superstar, has disclosed the biggest issue she faces as a result of her enormous “backside…..….continue reading >>>>>>>


Hilda Baci became an internet celebrity yesterday after breaking the Guinness World Record with almost 100 hours and 20 minutes.


Hilda, who flaunted her figure in a TikTok video, explained that the problem with her huge backside is the gap behind every Jean she wears….…..continue reading >>>>>>>


According to her, she has to go to her friend’s place always to get her jeans trousers stitched before they can fit.


“These are the issues but who are we kidding, I don’t mind the dunny stitch”, she wrote….…..continue reading >>>>>>>


Watch the video below