Couple welcomes sextuplet after 17 years of barrenness in Marriage – photos + videos

Couple welcomes sextuplet after 17 years of barrenness in Marriage – photos

The sole importance of getting into a marriage is to bear forth children so your generation keeps living on. so when this goal is not met in a marriage as soon as possible, the marriage may land on a rock and may break up.   Therefore barrenness is classified as the highest test of true love and dedication in any marriage.   Even though the holy Books do not use that as a stand for divorcing a marriage but the kind of environment we find ourselves will force the marriage to collapse as the family will set in with complaints.   It will take couples with dedication and God-fearing to withstand all these family influences and to continue living; looking up to God for the right time.This happens to be the case of These couples who have been in a marriage for seventeen good years without being able to give birth despite multiple trials.   This situation got a lot of people talking and giving them negative advice that they should divorce as they are not compatible with each other. with all the negative influence, they still stood by each other and waited on the Lord for the right time.   Their union has been finally blessed with sextuplet (Multiple births of six) after the long run and they are thankful to the Lord as they share pictures of their loverly babies.

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