Daddy Freeze: If Peter Obi is successful in transferring power to Atiku, we will need to wait a further eight years.


A media personality named Daddy Freeze has spoken out against Peter Obi’s court application to invalidate Bola Tinubu’s election victory and disqualify his candidacy for president of the APC.. CONTINUE READING…..



He warned that if Obi succeeds in his petition, it would be the same as ceding power to the northern candidate for the PDP, Atiku Abubakar. Daddy Freeze added that it might be another eight years before the South regains political dominance.


Daddy Freeze stated that Obi cannot win the election, even if it is held five times, due to his inability to obtain the required 25% of the vote in two thirds of the states.



If Tinubu is not elected, authority will transfer to the North and Atiku, who will prioritize the interests of his own people.


While Daddy Freeze acknowledged that Atiku is not a bad leader, he insisted that it would take another eight years for someone from the South to restore the region’s political dominance.. CONTINUE READING…..


Daddy Freeze cautioned against Peter Obi’s petition to disqualify Bola Tinubu’s presidential candidacy and nullify his election victory, warning that it would result in power shifting to the North and Atiku Abubakar.


He stated that it would take another eight years for someone from the South to regain political dominance, even though Atiku is not a bad leader.