Dear Nigerians, Please I Need A Job – Fresh Nigerian Graduate Cries For Help

Dear Nigerians, Please I Need A Job – Fresh Nigerian Graduate Cries For Help


A young Nigerian man named Kingsley Godstime, Popularly known as “Gbenz Agodski” has cried out for assistance from well-meaning Nigerians few days after his NYSC sign out.


The young man, who recently signed out as a corps member took to social media to solicit help from fellow Nigerians to get him a good job, since he has finished service.


Kingsley noted that things haven’t been easy for him and his family since he gained admission into the university, but he kept pushing till the final day he received his NYSC certificate.


According to him, he engaged in so many businesses just to see himself through higher institution and finally achieved his goal of becoming a graduate and is therefore hoping for assistance to get a job.


Read his story below:


I used to hawk kpomo after school in Aba just to enable me pay for handouts and text books.


It wasn’t easy for me then but i refused to give up even though some of my friends used to laugh at me, calling me all sorts of names. They also used to go to the club every Wednesday while i maintained my kpomo business. Not only the kpomo business, i also did so many routine jobs just to ensure that i get my NYSC certificate which i have finally achieved now.


I finished my NYSC recently but my worry now is to get a good job that will enable me to take care of my aged parents. I’m humbly asking for Nigerians to assist me in getting a good job for so that i will be able to care for myself and my family.


I just finished my NYSC and please Nigerians i need your help! I need a job!!

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