Difference between immunization and vaccination.


Difference between immunization and vaccination

 Immunization and vaccination are most times use interchangeably ,but the question that arise are “is both term really mean the same thing ?.though the primary aim of both is protecting and preventing from a disease.

Immunity — to be immune to a certain diseases means the person can be exposed to the disease without been affected.

Vaccine — vaccine are giving for the very purpose of immune system stimulation.

Immunization — the process by which a person immune system is protected against immunogen .

One of the means of carrying out immunization is by vaccination, it is less risky and more easy for administration ,immunization has no age ,or gender bracket it is open for all individual who shows up symptoms of a certain infection or disease and wish to be immunize or vaccinated.

Polio, one of the children immune system disease are almost been eradicated through the means of immunization.

Vaccination — in the case of vaccination ,it involves giving or administration of vaccine to enable individual develop immunity from diseases.

It is the almost ,the best if not the best ,of curbing infection agent ,eradication and elimination of diseases and infection such as


Small pox


Chicken pox

The above listed is widely eradicated through the process of vaccination

In health field and in general vaccination serve to

Promote health

Health invaluable

Save Life

Without the knowledge and application of vaccination and immunization the spread of diseases and others infection will be on the increase ,thus it serve to protect and prevent infections and disease.

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