Drama as Nengi exchanges words with troll over her age

Drama as Nengi exchanges words with troll over her age.

Reality Tv star and actress, Nengi Hampson has been in a back-and-forth with an internet troll who argued about her age.Nengi celebrated her 25th birthday on the 1st of January. She was widely celebrated by her friends and family.

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However, there have always been arguments between Nengi and internet trolls concerning her age. On Twitter, the reality Tv star got slammed by a troll, who asked her to stop telling lies about.The troll, identified as @Sunebabyl said:

“She’s gone passed 25 years. Happy birthday nengi, stop lying about your age. Eventually, you’ll get old one day”


Nengi replies the troll

“Una go soon tell me whether na una mama born me.. FOILS”


The troll said again:

“You are a big liar. If you like, hide your real age for market purpose you’ll still get old one day! Since you left BB hous you have being 25yrs old y’aIl yeyebrity/fake lifestyle should give me a break jor.”


Nengi was not going to let that slide. She put the troll in her place with her final response.


“Can’t possibly banter words with someone who sits her scarecrow-looking ais in her house all day arguing about “MY” age. Watchu want from me? Money to get you a good wig so you quit wearing that sponge you have on your dp? GET A JOB! LOOSER .

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