Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)




Advance case of muscular dystrophy
It affect both gender but main individual affected is the male gender
First symptoms can be seen as at the age of 4 (four) as a time of first manifestation and it worsen with time
It start with inability to stand cause it first manifestation start in the thigh then to arm
Affected individual legs becomes wider and larger and results in the inability to work
In some individual,manifestation might result to intellectual disability AAA
DMD is x-linked reccesive ddiseases

mutation either inherited or occur spontaneously during germline transmission

By Gene therapy ,though not very effective but some success has been made with it usage .

Through generic studies ,high percentage of accuracy can be known at the period of pregnancy as the symptoms manifest
High level of creating kinase in the blood stream is really high
Destruction of muscle tissue can be seen by electro yo graph u
Prenatal test
DNA test.

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