Easy To Make Raw Dog Food Recipes — raw food diet for dog recipes

Easy To Make Raw Dog Food Recipes — raw food diet for dog recipes

Easy To Make Raw Dog Food Recipes — raw food diet for dog recipes

Commercial pre-made raw diets are popular for one simple reason. They’re easy.


You don’t need to figure out the calcium:phosphorus ratio. Or the percentage of muscle meat vs secreting and non-secreting organs. Or what you should include for fruit and vegetables. And the good news is there are several good commercial raw food companies in the marketplace.


But for others, pre-made raw isn’t affordable or they want to try making meals themselves. Maybe your favorite brands just aren’t available in all parts of the country.

Whatever the reason, dog owners like you want totally balanced raw dog food recipes. Recipes with all the measurements and accessible ingredients. Recipes that include the right balance of meat, bones, organ meats and produce.


You want to make your own dog food to solve problems, not create them. And making your own dog food is the perfect way to do that. Here are just some benefits …


Take Control Of Your Dog’s Diet With Homemade Raw

When you make your own raw dog food, you get more control. You can …


Address special needs and allergies

Quickly adjust your dog’s diet for different life stages

Control the source of your ingredients

Avoid commercial food recalls

Enjoy better budgeting and bulk buying ability

And making your own raw food is taking a huge step towards better health for your dog. Dogs of all ages … from puppies to seniors … are healthier on a raw food diet.


Here are just some health benefits.


Improved digestion

Healthier skin and coat

Better dental health

Reduced allergy symptoms

Firmer stools

Weight management

Simple Raw Food Recipes

These are 5 of our best homemade dog food recipes. Make and serve them right away or freeze them in individual servings.


Some recipes have bone, some have a calcium supplement. Some recipes are for adult dogs. Some are for all life stages. That means you can feed those to puppies too. And they all meet The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) minimum requirements.


I’m excited to share these recipes with you: beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork and … rabbit. Yes rabbit. You can get several meals out of it for a 50 pound dog.


Let’s start with a beef and chicken recipe. These are the most common proteins fed to dogs.


1. Beef & Chicken Neck Dog Food Recipe: With Bone – All Life Stages

Puppies love to chew. Anyone who’s lost a good leather shoe to a puppy’s teething frenzy will understand. That’s what makes this recipe perfect for puppies.


Chicken necks give puppies a little … or a lot to chew. You decide. Plus there’s the right amount of calcium to balance this recipe for a growing puppy. And it’s balanced for adult dogs too.


This recipe gives you the option of grinding chicken necks into the meat mixture. Or you can grind in some of the necks. Then feed the rest whole. Most puppies are able to work through chicken necks. And larger dogs will love these crunchy treats throughout the day as well.


Worried about giving your puppy bones? No need … replace chicken necks with bone meal. Locally sourced, food grade bone meal is best. Bone meal is also available through online retailers.

2. Rabbit, Chicken & Beef Dog Food Recipe: With Bone – Adult

Rabbit is a novel protein. That means it’s not a meat that’s commonly fed. It’s a good choice when you’re looking for a protein other than beef and chicken.


Rabbit can also be great for dogs with food sensitivities. And it can be used as part of an elimination diet to identify what your dog is sensitive to. During the elimination diet, you remove the proteins your dog usually eats, and feed a single novel protein like rabbit. But if you’re feeding rabbit for this reason, you don’t want to feed it with eggs or organs from other animals. In that case, restrict your dog’s diet to rabbit alone and monitor your dog’s reaction.


And rabbit also has benefits for other dogs as well. It’s a very lean meat plus it’s higher in protein than chicken, pork, turkey, fish or beef. And it’s sustainable. It’s true that rabbits reproduce quickly and they need less food and water compared to other animals. They’ll produce six pounds of meat eating the same amount as a cow needs to produce one pound of beef


You can feed rabbit in pieces to your dog or use a nice sharp cleaver and a deliberate swing to chop it. You can also feed it whole … your dog will figure out what to do. To add texture you can grind the rabbit and add chopped organs. Some dogs don’t like chunks while others don’t mind.


Now for something novel. Here is the full recipe: Raw Rabbit, Chicken & Beef Raw Dog Food Recipe: Adult


3. Pork & Fish Dog Food Recipe: With Calcium Supplement – Adult

Feeding pork is a great addition to your dog’s raw diet. Pork has great advantages. It’s very digestible. If it’s pasture raised, it’s higher in omega-3 fatty acids than factory-farmed meat. And it has more vitamins, especially vitamin E.


But pork diets can be hard to formulate. That’s because they’re quite high in omega-6 fatty acids. That’s why you want to add fish … to help balance out the fats.


Whole fish is a great addition to your dog’s diet and this recipe. It’s high in omega-3 fats and contains important nutrients like protein, calcium, selenium and niacin.


Add sardines fresh, frozen or canned. They pack a nutritional punch. Mackerel are also a good option.


Here’s the full recipe: Raw Pork & Fish Raw Dog Food Recipe: Adult

4. Raw Boneless Turkey & Egg Dog Food Recipe: All Life Stages

Eggs are an easy addition to your dog’s raw food diet. If you can get free-range eggs, even better. Most supermarkets carry them now. But I’m still wary. Some egg cartons proudly proclaim “Vegetarian Diet.” Chickens are not vegetarian. You want eggs from free-range hens allowed to hunt and peck outside for worms and bugs.


To be sure, I get mine from farmers’ markets or directly from the farm. I’ll take a drive through the countryside looking for farms. Those with laying hens often have a simple sign saying “Eggs For Sale.” Drive in, leave your money and take your eggs.


Now you’re ready for this easy combination of turkey, organs and eggs.


5. Raw Boneless Beef & Egg Dog Food Recipe: All Life Stages

Beef and egg combine for another simple recipe. Visit your butcher for beef heart and liver. Buy it by the organ or the pound. And don’t be surprised by the size … cows are pretty big animals.


This recipe is boneless so you’ll need to add a supplement. Bone meal will supply the extra minerals puppies need. Give adult dogs bone meal or seaweed calcium.


[HINT: You can also try adding powdered bone to your dog’s meals. Visit the Natural Dog Store to buy our grass-fed bone powder.]


Caution: Seaweed calcium has higher bioavailability so do not give it to puppies.


The 10 Best Raw Dog Foods

Open Farm Raw Dog Food – Premium Choice. …

ORIJEN Puppy High-Protein Dog Food – For Puppies. …

Stella & Chewy’s Grain-Free Dog Food. …

TruDog Raw Superfood. …

Sojos Complete Raw Grain-Free Dog Food. …

Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food. …

Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food. …

Steve’s Real Freeze-Dried Raw Food.


What is the healthiest food to feed your dog?

What human foods are healthy for dogs?




Lean beef.

Fish—salmon and sardines are especially good for dogs.


Cheeses—cottage cheese and hard cheeses in moderation are safe.

Yogurt—in moderation is an acceptable snack

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