FULL VIDEO: Rihanna S3x Tape from iPhone Hack!

FULL VIDEO: Rihanna Sex Tape from iPhone Hack!. Of course you want to wank it to the naughty Rihanna sex tape, she is regarded as one of the finest DIMES of our time. Riri’s impressive curves scream “fuck me”, just wait til you see them action! Oh my lawd, she has quite the talent in the bedroom. You’ll see her pussy getting dripping wet in this raunchy video of her!She’s a snack everyone wants to munch on, and now imagining fucking her won’t be so hard anymore…A brief history about the tape before you press play:     According to sources, Rihanna was on vacation in Barbados when the sex scandal occurred. The man in the video getting slayed by Riri’s pussy is supposedly an ex-lover she had before she became famous. The incident happened while partying on a small yacht in the ocean with a group of her friends. No one knows whether or not she knew the lucky dude was recording the action, but we are all glad he did! She hasn’t denied the tape to the media, leading people to believe it is authentic! The video shows Rihanna giving a blowjob, getting pounded doggy style and riding cow girl. Her ass is definitely the star of the performance! Watch: Rihanna Sex Tape Video & Blowjob
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