Fungal infection –list and treatment


Fungal infection

A fungal infection, also known as mycosis, is a fungus-caused skin disease. Fungi are made up of millions of different species. They can be found in the soil, on plants, on household surfaces, and even on your skin. They can sometimes cause skin problems such as rashes or bumps. have listed most skin fungal infection and their respective natural treatment /remedies

Treatments for skin infections

Antibiotics or antifungal medication may be used in some cases.



Procedures are used in treatment.

Antibiotics and draining the abscess are among the treatments.


Penicillin and antibiotics

Surgical procedure

Debridement, incision and drainage, and procedural sedation and analgesia




Topical antiseptics are used to treat the condition.

Treatment options include topical creams as well as oral medications.

a recreational drug

Moisturizer and a warm compress


Topical antiseptics, anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, vitamin A derivatives, and antiparasitic agents are all available.




Antibiotics are used in treatment.

Cellulitis is potentially fatal if not treated with an antibiotic.

Antibiotics and Penicillin are medications.


Warts are also known as verruca vulgaris.


Procedures are used in treatment.

Topical medication and surgical removal may be used in treatment.

Palliative medicine

Surgical procedure

Medications for Cauterization, Cryotherapy, and Curettage

Chemotherapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and topical anti-tumor medication



Ringworm (scalp and body)

Self-care and antifungals are used in treatment.

Ringworm is treated with antifungal medication.




Impetigo is also known as school sores.

Penicillins are used in treatment.

Antibiotics help to shorten the infection and prevent it from spreading to others.


Scabies, Penicillin, and Antibiotics

Sarcoptic mange is another name for sarcoptic mange.


Anti-parasitics are used in treatment.

Scabies can be treated by applying medication from the neck down and leaving it on for eight hours to kill the mites and their eggs. Oral medication can also be used to kill the mites.


Antiparasitic dietary supplement

Laundry in hot water and dry cleaning

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