Senate: Political And Economic Reasons Tinubu Endorses Akpabio Above Southeast Candidates. 

The ruling APC has zoned the senate presidency to the south-south and announced Godswill Akpabio as its preferred candidate for the number 3 seat of Nigeria’s leadership..….Continue Reading 

Akpabio’s nomination is against the expectation of many political pundits who have tipped candidates from the southeast for the position

However, Tinubu’s preference for Akpabio and the south-south could be traced to political and economic factors

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has announced the zoning of the 10th senate presidency to the South-south and nominated Godswill Akpabio as its preferred candidate.


Felix Morka, the spokesperson of the party, in a statement on Monday, May 8, said the APC National Working Committee reached the conclusion after consultation with Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, and other stakeholdersBefore the announcement, there were insinuations that Tinubu would prefer Akpabio above any candidates in the polity.


This rationale behind the president-elect’s choice could be traced to both political and economic benefits that Akpabio’s senate presidency could have for Tinubu’s presidency than all the candidates from the southeastPolitical reason

Akpabio was the first presidential candidate who stepped down for Bola Tinubu during the APC presidential primary, describing him as “a man that has eye and vision”.


The former minister did not only show his loyalty to Tinubu, but he also ensured that the APC got 99,830 votes, 27.61%, a percentage far higher than the votes the ruling party got from all the southeast states together.


See the video of Akpabio stepping down for Tinubu at the APC primary:Tinubu being an economic expert himself, would prefer candidates from the south-south, which is more economically vibrant than the southeast, which is struggling between peace and insecurity.


The south-south is considered the economic bank of Nigeria as far as oil is involved. Unlike the Southeast, resources from Akpabio’s region are mainly what Nigeria uses to drive its economy. Thus, there is a need for the region to have a top seat in governance..……CONTINUE READING