Here are 5 reasons why your ex is still reaching out to you

Here are 5 reasons why your ex is still reaching out to you.

An ex still texting you regularly can be frustrating. But do you ever wonder why they do it? Some exes usually do not go away easily. It is almost as if they don’t understand what it means for relationship to be over. So they keep texting you and reaching out in other ways as if everything is still the way it used to be, as if that breakup never happened.We have explained here all the struggles you feel when you have an ex like this but if you are wondering why they still reach out to you though, here are five possible reasons why.   1. They don’t know how to move on   For some people, moving on is not an easy concept to grasp. It is either that or they try hard to pretend as if the break up did not happen.You will need to be firm to let this type of ex know that you meant it when you said you were no longer interested in the relationship with him or her.   2. You found someone else   At other times, exes text you when they hear or see on your social media page that you have someone else. Depending on how the relationship ended, they could do this to either congratulate you or to… Yes. Some exes are actually petty like that. He or she could call, text, or drop a message on your social media timeline to say something silly about your new partner’s looks or something just as annoying.   4. Looking for a second chance   At other times, an ex could just be texting you to get back. Texts may come from him or her if he or she realizes that they could have done better when they had you, and now desire another opportunity to make things right and treat you nice.   5. They’re lonely   He or she could just be feeling lonely and miserable.   Extra Tip:   An ex could just be horny and decide to check if you would be down for a reenactment of the great sex you used to have when you were a couple.

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