How Murphy Afolabi predicted his death just 30 mins before he died — Actor Adekola Tijani ‘Kamilu Kompo’ [Video]


Adekola Tijani aka Kamilu, a Nollywood actor, has alleged that his late coworker Murphy Afolabi foretold his own death in a chat they had roughly 30 minutes before the late actor fell while taking a bath..…….continue reading >>>>>>>


Early on Sunday morning, May 14, Murphy suffered injuries from his fall in the restroom and later passed away.*Speaking at Murphy’s funeral ceremony on Monday, May 15, Adekola Tijanu said:


“When he was alive, he always want us to do things together. We can’t question God but I’m really touched. He is still young and we started together. I sh%t his first movie and he was the first person that discovered my acting skills. We have done a lot together, we have fought and settled. I know everything about him..…….continue reading >>>>>>>


We still spoke yesterday, we spoke around 9:30 and he fell around 10 am. I was called immediately and we drove him to the hospital but he di€d before we got to the hospital.


He called me after his birthday that I should come and take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot. I told him not to worry but I didn’t know he was passing a message across to me.


Yesterday, he sent money for a contribution we always do on Sundays, he sent it early and I questioned his choice to send it early. His response was we don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute, I didn’t know he was bidding me farewell..…….continue reading >>>>>>>

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