How to orgasm at the same time with your partner? – then do this

How to orgasm at the same time with your partner.

Everyone knows that it is thrilling for you and your partner to ‘cum’ at the same time.Orgasming at the same time means both parties leave the place of intercourse satisfied – but for many reasons, one partner leaves satisfied, and the other isn’t. Why does this happen? The normal time it takes for a man to orgasm is five to ten minutes, while it takes the woman about 20 minutes – this means that the man will orgasm first and become flaccid while the woman at the cusp of her orgasm has to accept that she isn’t going to that night.   There are four phases to orgasm: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Focusing on achieving sufficient excitement makes an orgasm possible.   How can a couple orgasm at the same time? Know your partner The idea of sex is intimacy and knowing your partner and their body so well you can predict what they want.   Sex is all about preferences, stripping down the basics and just making it about penetration is the way to have the coldest, emotionless sex. Even masturbation is better than that.   But most men focus on penetration because it is what would typically make them orgasm.   The core of intimacy is in foreplay. The question is, what would your partner want? How would they like to be touched, and where?   Synchronize with your partner Sex is intimacy in its highest form – why the good lord made marriage. A good way to take note of their speed and breathing. When the strokes are too fast, there is a chance that an orgasm is about to happen, the same goes for breathing too hard. In other words, match their energy.   Focus on the clitoris The clit exists for pleasure and pleasure alone, and penetration is one of the least ways to pleasure a woman. A woman can orgasm solely from clitoral stimulation. Research has shown that the G spot is in the clit and not the vagina,   Use lube Sex is painful without adequate lubrication, and sometimes women are just not sufficiently stimulated to be penetrated. Even with fingers, use some lubrication.   Focus on your partner and wait for them If you are thinking of ways to please your partner and you want to orgasm at the same time, then you can consciously try to ‘wait’ for them and pick up cues from their body language.   Satisfying sex for you and your partner is about listening, waiting and putting your partner’s needs first.

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