How to reduce postpartum big belly permanently.(Details)

How to reduce postpartum big belly permanently.(Details)

How to reduce postpartum big belly permanently.(Details)


How to reduce postpartum big belly

Despite the fact that celebrities has made it a norm to always show off their flat tummy after one month of childbirth which makes you wonder the kind of body that you have, the one that won’t bounce back to it’s original nature after childbirth just like the celebrities has portrayed but unfortunately for new moms, you get deceived by the pictures you see on the internet. I am here to tell you that you are doing well, not all body are the same , some bounce back faster while some take forever to go back to shape. Some of these celebrities risk it all by undergoing surgery to get their flat tummy back and while it feels good to have your flat tummy back the process could also be complicated or risky.


So all I am saying is that your after childbirth belly won’t bounce back immediately after giving birth. You should know that the process of weight loss differs for everywoman based on a number of factors which are

How much weight you gained or lost during your pregnancy is number one factor



Weather you are breastfeeding or not



Your diet, exercise, eating habits and so on.



The moment you give birth weight loss starts automatically, meaning you will lose a lot of weight as your uterus shrinks back down to the level of belly button.




Massage your stomach consistently with towel and hot water morning and night daily. This particular routine helps to heal and reduce the fats. You have to go on at it for a month or more in order to achieve your aim.



Consume much water daily and reduce intake of salts. Salts is responsible for belly fat as well

Begin your day by consuming much protein like fish, meat and beans. Protein aids much weight loss in our body. When there is too much intake of protein in our body it multiplies or increases the release of the fullness hormone which decreases appetite and increases fullness. It elevates your metabolic rate and helps you retain mass muscle while losing weight. It’s one of the key factors of fat loss.



Avoid much intake of alcohol



Consume soluble fibre . It makes you feel full for few hours so that you don’t have to consume unneeded extra calories to your meal. Soluble fibre absorbs water and forms a gel that lowers fat absorption.



Breastfeeding: during this time while nursing mothers are advised to consume additional 500 calories, they often lose weight that formula feeding moms. “Breastfeeding consumes calories” although this particular trend isn’t for everyone as some women tends to lose weight quicker than others weather or not they are breastfeeding.

For the sake of safety, women who had their babies with the aid of C-SECTION are advised to wear postpartum belly band because the band has proven to be helpful in terms of healing. It helps to heal your C-SECTION stitches.



Waist trainer: They don’t cause weight loss. They only help to compress your stomach after pregnancy which will help your stomach to reduce but not at a fast rate, it improves circulation in your body system, reduces swelling through compression and supports abdomen and lower back. It obviously gives the stomach flatter appearance under clothing.



you should put more effort in daily exercises like running, aerobic classes like jumping, body combat and Zumba,

Skipping rope skills, cycling, speedwalking, swimming.



minimize your stress level as well. Too much stress makes you gain fat by triggering the adrenal glands to produce cortisol also known as stress hormone.



Take healthy flat tummy tea and also avoid too much in take of it while at it.



Take general body slimming tea. I strongly recommend you buy a Nigerian local tea known as “Aju mba ise” it gets rid of your body fats faster. The only disadvantage is that your bre9sts and bo0ties reduces drastically too because the Aju MBA ise targets the whole body fats.



Now if you feel the above process are way too long before you can achieve your body goals then you can visit a clinic and opt for liposuction. It’s a cosmetic procedure that involves removal of fats from a part of your body. This method is way easier and gives you your desired body faster.

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