Hunger knows no tribe peter okoye [mr p] said to those who is dragging him for supporting peter obi for presidency

With all the insecurity and hunger in

Nigeria. And in February next year

you will still beg Your neighbor to

help you charge your phone for so you can come online!

Hoping for PETER OBI to lose

election so you can mock me. You

are Mocking yourself!😂 Hunger

knows no tribe.

Famous reaction


You people think obi will turn Nigeria to London lol why he didn’t turn anambra to London the only way is to divide Nigeria simple you know the truth but una no go talk everytime obi what did obi do for ndi anambra till today anambra is still a village.


They never know…. denying the truth Infront of them….May God help all who believe in taking our country back through Peter Obi irrespective of the religion and ethnicity…2023 VOTE FOR COMPETENCY AND CAPACITY



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