I Need A Man That Will Impregnate Me, He Will Be Paid 3 Million.


An Abuja-based woman has put up an advert seeking for a man to impregnate her. The woman said she’s looking for a fine handsome man to impregnate her and has mouthwatering offers for him………continue reading >>>>>>>



Social media influencer Uwaoma Susan Joseph shared the woman’s request on Facebook with her identity undisclosed.


Susan’s post reads:



“Suzy please post for me.


“I need a man that will impregnate me ,handsome and cute..



“He will be blindfolded, he gets in and make love to me and I take in, he will come at my unsafe time, after which I’ll pay him off ,the blindfolding is so he won’t come looking for me and the child after ,I’ll lodge him till I confirm I’m pregnant then he can leave .my location is Abuja all expenses on me ……...continue reading >>>>>>>



“Please hide my ID .


“She said pay is 3 Million.”