“I never thought he’d scam me too” — Lady calls out yahoo boyfriend after getting scammed

“I never thought he’d scam me too” — Lady calls out yahoo boyfriend after getting scammed.

An embattled young lady calls out her alleged yahoo boy boyfriend for scamming her of her hard-earned money.

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A Twitter user identified as @TheOnlyLeray took to the platform to narrate her relationship with a yahoo boy who used and scammed her.


She revealed that he was once squatting at a friend’s house until he move in with her and immediately figured out his line of work as a fraudster.


According to the lady, he often faked an American voice to defraud victims on the phone and also edit fake documents to carry out his fraudulent schemes.

Read her full narration below …


“I woke up with a heavy heart this morning as I have been in the past couple of days. I’ve contemplated sharing this here for a while but I’ve been quiet for too long and have suffered in silence longer than I needed to. IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SCAMMED, STAT AWAY FROM THIS MAN. 🧵


He’s a self proclaimed “actor, musician, voice over artist, gold & precious minerals mandate (diamonds, coltan specifically)” jonga, there’s no scam he won’t scam you out of.


Meanwhile the only acting he’s done is for his upcoming rapper friend’s music videos as an extra for free. I met this man in the beginning of the year through a mutual friend and at the time he was staying at one of his friend’s apartment and had me believe that he had his shit together since every day he’d be on back to back business calls talking about trucking & logistics.I later found out when he had a fall out with his friend that he wasn’t paying rent at that apartment & was basically living off of that guy. By this time we were already inlove with each other and he was as good as homeless so I offered him to stay with me for a month or two up until he gets his shit together, 1st mistake.


I work from home right and have always been able to afford a certain standard of life for myself including holidays and all. So me working from home and being home all the time, I got to see him 24/7 and started seeing layers of him.


I met & fell in love with a man in trucking & logistics, haow I’m now hearing him in phone calls talk about selling undocumented coltan stones, zama zama gold, he even fakes a white person’s voice to scam thousands of SAns via Trust Wallet. 0605017576 block this number, it’s him.


I warn him off his gold dealings but makes up excuses about how much he needs that money. One of these unfortunate days he goes to Vaal to meet someone who claims to have gold he wanted to sell, he went to meet the guy and got ambushed by the “police” who claimed to let him go if

I pay R20k for his release. I call his mom about it and she says she doesn’t have that kind of money and had warned him off of his ways kodwa akaleleli.


So I had to make a plan for my man and negotiated the ransom significantly lower. I tell him over the phone while he’s in custody that I will need to get that money from my loan shark which is R5k so we’d need to pay him back R7k. He pleaded with me to get him out and promised to sell his laptop and stuff to pay back what he owes.Hai ingabi nomsebenzi ibe unemployment nje ngaye. I get him the money and he’s out of possibly being jailed. I eventually end my lease where we were both staying and ask him to go back to his mama house cos I’m tired of feeding a grown man and want him to go back to the drawing..board.


While he’s there I end my lease and go back home for a month before starting a new lease. Now during that period, the payment deadline reaches over for the loan shark to collect his R7k, he takes my phone & MacBook as leverage for payment.


Now I’m out of a phone & MacBook, unable to work at a job I actually have a signed contract with while he holds on to a laptop he promised to sell off to pay his debt, mind you he scammed some Zimbabwean guy out of that laptop. Cinge’ba hai lo mfanaka akandiboni tu!


I’ve been calling & pleading with him daily to pay the money that got HIM out of possible jail time, he gaslights me, shouts at me for “reminding him of something he’s already aware of” heee sana meanwhile andikwazi uksebenza because my gadgets are taken.


Meanwhile he’s setting up fake Airbnb’s as we speak. Don’t fall for Airbnb’s where they ask you to pay directly to them because there is a “payment issue” or in exchange for discounts, helicopter rides on Instagram ads, safari getaways. It’s all him & his friends.


Don’t buy anything on Instagram or Facebook without doing thorough research about that company. They LOVE ewallet payments or EFTs to a capitec account. Forget about Trust Wallet, he’ll show you a screenshot that has money in. It’s all a scam.


I’ve been away from him & thinking about this situation for a while and kunini ngithi Yoh! Kubhlungu ukfinda-outa wethu. I never thought the man who claims to love me so much, would scam me too. Lol the jokes write themselves yeva!


His name is Ashant Mdlalana on Facebook

Ash_thadon on Instagram

Be very careful when dealing with this man.

Even his now former friends know how much of a fraud he is.


How is a scammer threatening with legal action? How?”

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