I started seeing maggots in my menses – Woman who slept with YAHOO boy narrates ordeal.


A Tiktoker identified as Shugaplum recently interviewed an unnamed Nigerian woman who revealed the harrowing experience she went through at the hands of a sakawa man (variant meaning yahoo boy)..…….continue reading >>>>>>>



The woman described how she came to believe that her ex-boyfriend, who is also a prominent Yahoo person, had been using her for evil purposes in the narrative. See below for her narration;



There is this big Yahoo boy in my neighbourhood, so I dated him for 7 months on the 5th month, it started giving me attitude as it changed automatically, like everything about him changed….…..continue reading >>>>>>>



He stopped touching me, it stopped sleeping with me, he stopped eating what I cooked. It just started giving me attitude and then in the 7th month he asked me to leave his house and I left.


“The next month my peri0d came out I went to the bathroom normally so I can change like I can fix my p@d. When I got there to change my pad, I started seeing magg0ts. The bl0od was mixed with magg0ts and I got confused. I didn’t know how.


I was like is the Magg0t from the p@d or from my body then I threw the pad away and fixed another pad.Then when I went again to change the second pad I became convinced that the magg0ts was actually coming out from my b0dy I thought it was an infection or a medical problem so I went to the hospital….and it was confirmed that it wasn’t a medical case.”


Shugaplum then used the story to advise other young ladies and also solicited for any help that can be rendered to the anonymous lady………continue reading >>>>>>>