James Spears Net Worth

James Spears Net Worth

James Spears Net Worth.


James Spears Net Worth

James Spears is an American building constructor and actor. In 2008, he and his eldest daughter Britney Spears went under a contract of conservatorship. According to the contract law, James Spears was the guardian of his daughter’s finances. Britney accused his father of guardianship abuse in 2021.


Go through the article to explore more about Jamie Spears. Learn how he managed to grow his wealth to a level of multi-million. Also, know some details regarding Jamie Spears, such as his biography, early and personal life, conservatorship controversy, and many other things.

What is James Spears’s net worth?

American building constructor and actor James Parnell Spears has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Our website has provided an approximated net worth of Jamie Spears by adding the payments he received from his workings. Besides, he has received a mega fortune of 5 million while a conservatorship contract with his daughter was on the go.

How much money does James Spears make?

James Spears received around 16 thousand dollars per month when the conservatorship contract was in the act.


Since the beginning of the contract, Jamie Spears is receiving 16 thousand dollars per month as his monthly salary. Until June 2021, he earned around 2.4 million dollars through his monthly payments.


According to The New York Times, James Spears has abducted 1.5 percent of the total sales of Britney Spears’ merchandise, which has a market value of nearly 2.1 million dollars. Moreover, He has cut 2.95 percent commission of her Female Fatale musical tour, which is nearly equal to 500 thousand dollars.

What does James Spears do for a living?

Jamie Spears is an actor. Besides, he has a history in building construction. However, his net worth skyrocketed after acting as the guardianship of Britney Spears’s finances. However, Jamie Spears’s sources of earnings are described below into some points:

Workings as an Actor

Even though Jamie Spears is not much of an actor, he acted in some TV documentaries and video shorts. Moreover, he has some archive footage used in TV series and documentaries.


According to IMDb, in 2008, Jamie Spears appeared in a television documentary movie named Britney: For the Record. In that movie, he acted in his self-character as Britney’s father. Later on, Jamie Spears worked in some other documentary movies, which are given below:

Earnings as a Conservatorship Guardian

The maximum percentage of Jamie Spears’s net worth came from the contract he signed with his daughter, Britney Spears. According to the contract, he is acting as the guardian of his daughter’s finances.


According to the legal notice from the court, Jamie Spears will receive 16 thousand dollars a month. But he is not only taking his salary but also cutting a percentage from Britney’s earning sources. Thus her daughter accused her father of abusing her money as a guardian in June 2021.

Biography of James Spears

Full Name James Parnell Spears

Professional Name Jamie Spears

Gender Male

Date of Birth 6 July 1952

Place of Birth Kenwood, Louisiana, United States of America

Zodiac Sign Cancer

Ethnicity White

Religion Christian

Height 6 feet 0 inch

Weight 82 Kg

Nationality American

Marital Status Divorced Twice

Relationship Status Single

First Wife’s Name Debbie Sanders Cross (1972 – 1975)

Second Wife’s Name Lynne Spears (1976 – 2002)

Children 2 Daughters (Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears) and a Son (Bryan Spears)

Profession Building Constructor and Actor

Net Worth $5 million.

The early and personal life of James Spears

Early life

On 6 July 1952, Jamie Spears was born in Kentwood, Louisiana, United of America. He grew up in his birth town. In addition, Jamie Spears was born into a Christian family, which made him a believer in Christianity.Jamie Spears’s father’s name was June Austin Spears. His father died in 2012 at the age of 82. On the other hand, Jamie Spears’s mother’s name was Emma Jean Spears. His mother committed suicide in 1966 on her dead infant son’s grave.


At the age of 17, Jamie Spears was arrested for driving after taking drugs and accidentally killing his football teammate in a car accident. However, he completed his high school education at a local high school in Kentwood, Louisiana. Moreover, Jamie Spears is a college graduate.

Personal life

Jamie Spears first married Debbie Sanders Cross in 1972, but the marriage did not last long. In 1975, they divorced. However, Jamie Spears and Debbie Sanders Cross are still friends.


Later in 1976, Jamie Spears married Lynne Spears and have children together, including two daughters, Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears, and a son named Bryan Spears. However, in 2002, Jamie Spears and Lynn Spears divorced.



Why did Britney Spears have a conservatorship contract with his dad?

Britney Spears’s erratic behavior, including shaving her head and breaking Paparazzo’s car using an umbrella, were the reasons she was put under such a contract. Thus she was taken to a psychiatric hospital, and her dad, Jamie Spears, started regulating her finances under the conservatorship act.


How does Jamie Spears spend Britney Spears’s money?

The New York Times reported that Jamie Spears receives a 16 thousand dollars salary per month only for acting as guardian of the conservatorship contract. Besides, he has cut a percentage from Britney Spears’s earnings from merchandise selling, and the musical tour is worth millions of dollars.


Why did Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears divorce?

Jamie Spears was an alcoholic and short-tempered person. In 1980, Lynne Spears tried to file a divorce paper but could not complete her divorce as she feared that he would harm or harass her. But their never-ending conflict came to an end in 2002 through signing for divorce.

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