Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth?

What is Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth?
Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth?

What is Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth? All His Assets & Earnings.

What is Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth?
Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth?

In today’s article, we will talk about What is Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth? Despite his absence, he is alive with us in each of his notable works. In case you are wondering, Johnny Allen Hendrix was an American singer. More precisely, he was considered one of the most influential guitarists of the 20th century.Some of his notable singles include – Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Crosstown Traffic, Long Hot Summer Night, Stepping Stone One Rainy Wish, and many more. One of his albums, titled Are You Experienced, received massive success over the years. He has made quite a prominence in a very short period in the history of popular music.Knowing so much of his popularity which he had achieved for his noteworthy music skills, fans are lately interested to learn about Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth, at the time of his death. People are saddened by his death but some are unaware of how he passed away. For more details about Jimi Hendrix’s earnings, wealth, notable music creations, and other facts, this article is highly recommended to you.

Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth: Earnings & Professional Details

When it comes to his monetary accumulation, Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth at the time of his death was $20,000 which would have a present value of around $150,000. He made most of his income from being one of the greatest electric guitarists. More precisely, his music career had helped him in garnering quite a handsome amount of money. By 1994, the real estate where he lived was worth $80 million.


With time, the value of the house has appreciated, and at present, it’s worth $175 million. Like any other celebrities, Jimi also owned a collection of branded cars but those are yet to be updated. Being a specialist in guitar, Jimi Hendrix owned a wide collection of various types of guitars.

Notable Works

Talking about some of his notable singles, the credits include- the 51st Anniversary, All Along the Watchtower, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Crosstown Traffic, Fire, Foxy Lady, Gypsy Eyes, Highway Chile, Stone Free, Hey Joe, If Six Was Nine, Izabella, Long Hot Summer Night, Purple Haze. Also, some of his songs were released as live recordings and the list includes – Changes, Like a Rolling Stone, Message Of Love, Machine Gun, and Power to Love.


Not to forget to mention some of Jimi Hendrix’s albums which received quite a prominence- Woodstock, Electric Ladyland, Live in Maui. Even after his death, several singles and albums that were recorded earlier have been released. Each of his songs and albums has achieved millions of listeners over the years. Rolling Stone has ranked him sixth as the greatest artist of all time.Moving on with his involvements in musical groups, the list includes – The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966-1969), Band Of Gypsys (1969-1970). He was also a part of the musical band, Kings Of Rythm. It was in 1966 when he played for the Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.

Jimi Hendrix’s Other Details

Besides knowing the details of his versatility in the field of music creations and leading to hefty monetary earnings, people are interested to know more about Jimi Hendrix. Here is what we know about him.


It was on 18 September 1970 when Jimi Hendrix passed away in Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom. At the time of his death, he was 27 years old. The major reason for his death was excessive use of the drugs like cocaine and alcohol. He also went violent against people he was with at that time. When investigated, it was found that Jimi died of accidental asphyxia and an overdose of sleeping pills. This also had affected his musical journey in a very negative way.Jimi Hendrix’s death has been a major loss to the music industry. Hoping to come across more of his albums and singles!

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