Join And support the wining Party: There nothing that Can stop Tinubu Inauguration – A Group .

The Tinubu Support Network (TSN) and the Amalgamated APC Support Groups have said those planning to scuttle the May 29 handing over are jockers.According to the groups, there is nothing that will stop the handing over adding that Nigerians should come together and unite for a better tomorrow..….Continue Reading 


The national chairman of TSN who is also the director general, Amalgamated APC Support Groups, Engr Kailani Muhammad, said the unity and peace of Nigeria is far more important than any other interest.


Speaking when the two groups met in Abuja and strategised on the things that will help the incoming administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Kailani said the administration will benefit all Nigerians.


He also advocated for the Independent legislature and advised competent lawmakers to pursue their ambition of becoming the presiding officers of the National Assembly until the last moment.


“Those planning to scuttle the May 29 handover date are jokers. Nothing would stop the May 29 handover. It is a Constitutional matter,” Kailani said.


On the controversy surrounding the adoption of Senator Godswill Akpabio as Senate President and Hon Tajudeen Abbas as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kailani said the emergence of president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was against the adoption of some other people and that previous experience on the emergence of the leadership of the National Assembly is a lesson.


Kailani said it is good the APC said the purported list is advisory and that people like former Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari and others would have to slug it out at the floor of the National Assembly.Also responding to calls that Nigeria should restructure the sharing formula for the federal government to have 20 percent while the states should have 80 percent, Kailani said the proponent cannot take Nigeria back to the stone-age.


Kailani said the call for such a sharing formula is taking Nigeria back to the 1963 Constitution.Governor El-Rufai on Tuesday in Abuja advocated a restructuring of the sharing formula of Nigeria’s revenue reversed to 20 percent for the federal government and 80 percent for states and for the federal government to then relinquish most of its current responsibilities to the states.


But Kailani said the state governors were responsible for the current state of underdevelopment in the country especially in mismanaging the fortune of the local governments.


“What Governor El-Rufai said, is taking us back to the stone age. He said we should go back to the 1963 Constitution.


“This is the stone-age; we are now in the digital age. Soludo (Anambra State Governor) also talked about devolution of powers.


“With good governance, an honest and corrupt-free society, we don’t need all these things they are talking about.


“It is the governors that brought us to this mess that we are in now. They were fighting even the independence of the local governments, they went to court.


“And all the monies President Muhammadu Buhari gave to them from the federation account, in the last eight years did not reflect on the common man,” Kailani added..….continue Reading