Joshua Selman Biography, Ministry, and Net worth

Joshua Selman Biography, Ministry, and Net worth

Joshua Selman Biography, Ministry, and Net worth.

Joshua Selman Biography, Ministry, and Net worth

Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder of Eternity Network International and also the man behind Koinonia. Koinonia is a program organized by Joshua Selman as an outreach program to convert souls for Christ. He hosts the program at Zaria, Kaduna every Friday. Ever since he started the event, his church members have beheld various testimonies and redemption. His ministry started at an early age as he began his ministerial duties during childhood. Joshua Selman Nimmak, the founder of Eternity Network International was born on 25th June in 1980. In this post, we will be looking at Apostle Joshua Selman’s biography, his ministry, and net worth.

Joshua Selman Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak was born on the 25th of June, 1980. His origin can be traced back to Jos in Plateau State, a state predominated by the Hausas. During his childhood days, he would rather read the word of God instead of going outside to play with other kids. He desired to preach at Ahmadu Bello University even as a little boy. And it happened because he graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He was known to organize gatherings amongst his friends to preach and share deep insight from the Bible.Apostle Joshua is not yet married but sources say he is engaged to Lady Sandra Areh. Lady Sandra Areh is nicknamed Selwoman which was coined from Selman. Thril NG scooped that Apostle Joshua is set to marry her this year, 2020.

Joshua Selman Ministry

Joshua Selman started preaching in his university days but he became known as a pastor when he was at Christ Gospel Church, Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna state in Nigeria. He rose to the level of a senior pastor at Christ Gospel Church as God’s grace revealed through his works. Later on, he moved to open a ministry to serve God and change lives.


In 2011, Joshua Selman founded Eternity Network International (ENI) in Zaria, Kaduna. Under this ministry, he organizes a weekly program called Koinonia in Kaduna State. Koinonia has been a blessing to anyone who attended the program. The Koinonia program holds every Friday at GGC, New Extension, Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna. The word Koinonia means a Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians. And truly it has been a source of miracle and blessings amongst Christians.By the hand of God upon Apostle Joshua’s life, he goes across countries to preach the life-transforming gospel to let people know that several dimensions of God lie outside miracle performance and healing. When you talk about Apostle Joshua Selman, you are talking about a man who God has blessed abundantly with a deep uncommon understanding of the scriptures. His gift has made him one of the popular pastors in Nigeria, and he has been called to minister in several Gospel events.


Apostle Joshua Nimmack has written various best selling gospel books that are read by thousands. His books are free to download and they are worth reading for every Christian. Below is a list of books written by him.


A Discussion on Kingdom Truths

A Night of Prevailing Prayers

A Night of Supernatural Visitation

A Witness to the Truth

Above the Storms

Accessing the Deep Things of God

Activating Breakthroughs (The Ministry of Destiny Helpers)


Altars and Foundations.

Joshua Selman Net Worth

Apostle Joshua Selman’s net worth is an estimated $450,000. He has an established ministry with a large following, making him one of the influential and wealthy pastors in Nigeria.

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