Ladies, this is why your vagina smells bad

Ladies, this is why your vagina smells bad

Ladies, this is why your vagina smells bad

Ladies, have you noticed a smell coming out of your vagina that just feels so off? It is terrible.

A stinky vagina can have such a devastating effect on your self-esteem, especially during intercourse and sexual relations.

Here is why it smells bad;


Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis will give your vagina a fishy smell. About 15% to 50% of women have had bacterial vaginosis. It also causes a green, grey discharge and the vagina might feel swollen and itchy.


It happens when there are a lot of harmful bacteria in your vagina, using harmful cleaning agents like baking soda, iodine, apple cider and sleeping with new and many sex partners without using condoms.

Vaginal thrush or yeast infections

This is very common in women. It causes itching and burning and a white or milky discharge.


You are likely to get vagina thrush if you take antibiotics and have a weak immune system.



Trichomoniasis makes the vagina smells pungent and fishy. It is a common sexually transmitted disease. There is a lot of yellow and green discharge with a very disgusting smell. The vulva is also red and itchy.


Tight clothes

Tight clothes can cause different substances to be trapped in the vagina and examples of things that get stuck in your cloth are faeces and sweat.


Avoid shape wear and underwear like thongs and instead wear breathable cotton.

Urinate after sex.

When you poop, clean your vagina from the front to the back.

Change your underwear at least twice a day.

After working out or sweating wash your vagina with water.

Use a clean washcloth to drain the water in your vagina after washing it.

Use fragrance-free soaps.

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