Lady Gaga’s Net Worth

What is Lady Gaga's Net Worth
Lady Gaga's Net Worth

Lady Gaga’s Net Worth Is Mind-Blowing.

What is Lady Gaga's Net Worth
Lady Gaga’s Net Worth

Lady Gaga is a true virtuoso—there’s no doubt about it.


She snags Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe wins like it’s her part-time job. She signs massive deals and sings songs that make us feel things we’ve never felt before. She can act and dance and do just about anything she darn well pleases. The superstar has been mega-famous for a decade, but between her Las Vegas residencies, fabulous acting roles, makeup line Haus Laboratories, and various sponsorship ventures, Gaga has made it known that she has the secret sauce for making a killing.Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has been performing her whole life and started as a musical prodigy playing the piano at age 4. She first performed in a New York City nightclub at 14, per Biography, and her music career skyrocketed from there. She’s come a long way from her days of wearing meat dresses and arriving to an awards ceremony in a giant egg. And along the way, she’s been pulling in some paychecks that would make anyone want to just dance.


So, as a bonafide superstar,

what is Lady Gaga’s net worth?

Let’s just say that her lavish lifestyle is no perfect illusion. estimates Lady Gaga’s net worth at $320 million.


Here’s how the singer/actress/all-around phenomenon makes her money:


Lady Gaga made millions in Las Vegas in 2019.

While originally slated to wrap up in November of 2019, the singer’s two Las Vegas residencies were extended into 2020, according to Rolling Stone. Gaga then added 12 new dates in total to her Enigma and Jazz & Piano shows, which brought her total performances up to over 80. And with each performance reportedly earning her more than $1 million, per Variety, Gaga’s potential paycheck at the end of her shows likely reached $100 million.Even major stars like Celine Dion, Elton John, and Britney Spears rarely topped $500,000 per night, per Billboard. However, that pales in comparison to Gaga’s other tour sales that have topped $200 million.


Lady Gaga even made bank that night she took a slight tumble off the Vegas stage:She also returned to Vegas this past spring for another residency appearance.


Tour ticket sales bring in nine figures.

Over the years, Gaga’s tours have been especially lucrative. In 2012, her shortened “Born This Way” tour brought in $125 million, per Hollywood Reporter, and her 2009 to 2011 “Monster Ball” tour earned her $227 million over 200 dates per The Guardian. Though her “Joanne” tour was much smaller, it still earned the star $95 million in ticket sales, per Billboard.Her sixth album, “Chromatica,” came out in 2020 and became was the fifth best-selling album on Amazon Music. Gaga is set to go on tour again this July.


In 2011, her earnings beat Oprah.

Lady Gaga reportedly earned $90 million and jumped ahead of Oprah to top of the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. She was also eighth on 2019’s list of the Highest Paid Women in Music. But music isn’t the only way Mother Monster is making her money—not by a long shot.


Lady Gaga’s acting career has led to some pretty big roles.Gaga can do it all. If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born, you are going to need to run, not walk, to your nearest TV and stream it immediately. Same for House of Gucci. Gaga starred as two different powerful leading ladies, Ally Maine and Patrizia Reggiani, and likely made a killing with both. And she even spent time acting in episodes of American Horror Story.


While she’s not acting in Top Gun, she did write a song for the movie with Tom Cruise, and starred in this music video for it:Her makeup line made a splash…into a pool of cash.Developed in partnership with her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno, Haus Laboratories was unveiled in July of 2019 and is vegan and cruelty-free. Product prices fall in between drugstore and prestige: the liquid “eye-lie-ner” and sparkle lipstick will cost you $20 and $10, respectively. The line was first available for pre-order on Amazon Prime Day, and according to Allure, sales were high enough to make the brand an overall top ten best-seller.During Haus’ two-day pop-up at the Grove shopping center in LA back in 2019, doors weren’t set to open until noon, but ABC 7 reported fans had already lined up to get inside hours before.WWD reports that the company ranked only behind Rihanna’s Fenty and Kylie Cosmetics in 2020 for the best-selling celebrity-owned beauty brands. The company is now worth more than $141.7 million.


Gaga has also diversified her income stream through endorsement deals with a variety of unexpected companies. She has worked with brands like Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Barnes & Noble, Versace, Google Chrome, MAC, Oreo and Bud Light, appearing in commercials and print advertising. She also has two of her own fragrances, called Fame (because duh, what else would she call it?) and Eau de Gaga.


Lady Gaga owns a $22.5 million Malibu mansion.Gaga purchased her beach-town pad for $22.5 million in 2014, according to She has 10,000-square-feet inside and six acres outside, including room for horses, in Malibu, California. She calls it her “gypsy palace.” Before becoming a home-owner, Lady Gaga rented a penthouse with Central Park views in New York City for a mere $22,000 a month, according to Curbed New York.


Gaga’s been pretty secretive about her future plans, aside from having no plans to retire anytime soon, as the star said in a 2019 YouTube interview, but, knowing Lady Gaga, you can bet when she does retire, it’s going to veryyyy glamorous.

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