Man narrates how he almost died after taking tramadol to approach his crush.

A 24-year-old man has narrated how he almost lost his life in an attempt to boost his confidence to approach his crush………continue reading >>>>>>>



The young man, name withheld, said he was in love with a beautiful lady but how to start the needed conversation with her was a challenge for him.



According to a report by, the young man had first met Efua (not the real name) when they were assigned to work on a project in 2020………continue reading >>>>>>>


It was a one-month contract which meant, he had only 30 days to make his move but could not muster the courage to approach her


“I saw the girl and started admiring her and was very eager to talk to her because the job will only last for 30 days and I probably won’t see her again after that period. But anytime I tried approaching her, I feel like too low to get her. I didn’t value myself, I guess,” he told


He revealed that he then approached two of his friends for help and one of them suggested he approaches the girl while tipsy, a suggestion he declined.



The other friend jokingly told him to take tramadol to boost his confidence.


He bought into the idea and purchased the drug without the knowledge of his friends.


“I didn’t tell my friend I was going to buy the drug but I went and bought it without his notice. Just before I was about to go to work the following day, I took the drug. I didn’t know how it worked so I took as many as I could,” he says.



Unfortunately, things did not go as plan after he took the tramadol. At the office he started behaving like a mad person.



“I went to work but I couldn’t last in the workplace for an hour. I started behaving madly, insulting people here and there. I came back home and went straight into my room. It was around 9:00am in the morning and I slept for two days straight.” He said


He added he might the timely intervention of some people who broke into his room saved him.


“Fortunately, we had a nurse in our house. He came and gave me some drugs before I was taken to the hospital.



“I was admitted for two weeks and it wasn’t nice. I was half dead. My eyes opened in the hospital,” he narrated.


When he fully recovered, Kojo decided to man up and approach Efua as he ought to and even though he did that, he couldn’t land the girl he almost died for.


“I asked the girl out but I couldn’t succeed. I lost twice.”


Regretting his action, Kojo said “people would have said I died because of drug overdose but actually, I would have died because of a girl……...continue reading >>>>>>>”