May 29:Tinubu will Achieve what our past Leaders couldn’t within 4years – Bishop Katung Reveals Reason .

Founder and general overseer of Living Stone Church Assembly, Bishop Jonas Katung has called on Christians in the North and other Nigerians to support the president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to serve them…….…Continue Reading>>>>>








He asked the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former vice president Atiku Abubakar and his Labour Party counterpart Peter Obi to let Tinubu provide leadership for Nigeria in the next four years and challenge him again at the polls in 2027 if they so desire……….Continue Reading>>>>>





Bishop Katung in an interview with newsmen in Jos, said he has a conviction that given the opportunity, Bola Ahmed Tinubu could provide the right leadership for the people of Nigeria considering his wealth of experience in politics and economic matters.





‘’Remember, during the heat of the political campaigns across the country for the 2023 general elections, northern bishops met with Tinubu in Abuja to ask him questions and he was able to give us serious answers on the challenges Christians are facing and he told us what he was going to do as president to resolve the problems if elected into power by the people of Nigeria.








We have confidence and hope that he is going to be a good president with listening ears,” he said.According to Bishop Katung, if as a Lagos State governor for eight years, Asiwaju brought people from different backgrounds and faith into his cabinet and he succeeded leaving behind a legacy that subsequent Lagos governors are building upon it, he has a conviction that in the next four years, Tinubu’s achievements will surpass what past leaders have achieved.





‘”Tinubu is a man with large heart that will give Nigerians a sense of belonging within a short period of time after taking over power,” he said.





Bishop Katung charged the incoming president to urgently correct the imbalance in the structure and composition in the military, the police, para military forces and the federal civil service to give all segments of Nigeria a sense of belonging……….Continue Reading>>>>>