Meet the OLDEST WOMAN in Nigeria Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche Born 1883… She is 139 Years old (Photos). 

Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche (13 July 1883? – 20 July 2017?) was a Nigerian longevity myth who claimed to be the oldest person ever….. Read more 


Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche claimed to have been born in Nigeria on 13 July 1883. Her claim falls far outside an age range considered plausible by aging researchers; the oldest verified person ever was Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122, and 125 to 130 is theorized to be approaching the biological limit for humans. As such, reaching the age of 138 is regarded as biologically impossible. She would have held the title of world’s oldest person for more than 20 years since the death of Sarah Knauss on 30 December 1999.




The article from July 2017 claimed that she died at the claimed age of 134 years, 7 days, but the article from July 2020 claimed that she was still alive at the claimed age of 137 years.





Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche, Dies At The Age Of 134….….read more