Nasty Blaq Net Worth (Updated )

Nasty Blaq Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Nasty Blaq Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Nasty Blaq Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Nasty Blaq is a Nigerian comedian and also a content creator he is among the fastest growing comedians in the Nigerian. Today we are going to determine Nasty Blaq net worth by simple calculating all that he makes.


there is no doubt that Nasty Blaq has gone through a lot and he has achieve a lot in the years of his career, he has worn the hearts of millions of people not only here in Nigerian but all over the globe.Nasty Blaq alongside his friend pankeeroy and Sydney talker are professional comedians who achieve fame and success in a short period of time.A lot of people keep demanding for Nasty Blaq net worth many people wants to know how much he has made from the comedy skits he has been making. Well Nasty Blaq isn’t that rich as you might be thinking but he have a normal life just like any other comedian out there.So let’s dive into his net worth


Net worth $160,000

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Nasty Blaq Biography and Net worth

Before we start calculating his Net worth let’s look at his biography and entertainment career first.


Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu who Is famously known as Nasty Blaq was born and raised in the city of Lagos, the veteran comedian was born on the 23 of September 1996.Nasty Blaq started his acting career immediately after he has graduated from secondary school and also there is no record of him attending or graduating from a College or university.


Nasty Blaq started his comedy career alongside his friends Pankeeroy and Sydney Talker the live together and they contribute a lot to each other content =.


So let’s not waste much time here on his biography, lets dive into his net worth


Nasty Blaq Endrosement deals

One of the ways by which Nasty Blaq makes his own money is through the endorsement deals that het gets. Anytime he promotes a brand on his social media he gets paid for that.


So to know Nasty Blaq net worth we need to know all of the endorsement deals that he has been bagging in the years of his career. Based on the observation made on his instagram account it shows that he currently has a multi-millionaire endorsement deal with “ Aj Global Ventures”


So how much does he make from this endorsement deal??? Well no one can say that we can only make an assumptions how much did he make from it.


Normally on average Nigerian brands pay $30,000 for each endorse deals and Nasty Blaq contract has been renew two time which means he will have an estimated income of $60,000.


Well that’s a lot


So now that we are done with the endorsement deal let’s take a look at his YouTube channel and see what we can find. Combing the result will give us his net worth.


Nasty Blaq Youtube Income

Another important means by which Nasty Blaq makes money is through his YouTube channel, anytime he uploaded a video on YouTube he get paid for that.


YouTube put ads in his video and whenever people watches the ads he get paid for that. So to complete Nasty Blaq net worth we need to know how much he has made from his YouTube channel.According to YouTube Nasty Blaq YouTube channel has the total number of 50 million video views and on monetizing these video views it will be an estimated income of $100,000.


Well that a lot


Now that we have known Nasty Blaq net worth from both sides it’s time we make an ending to this content by telling his net worth


Nasty Blaq Net worth in 2022

According to the evaluation made Nasty Blaq net worth is estimate at around $160,000 which is N70 million in Naira he is currently the Ambassador of “Aj Global Ventures”

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