NMA calls on Nigerian government to tighten security at FCT

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the Nigerian Medical AssociationA chapter of the FCT, has called on the federal government to tighten security at the FCT following recent threats in the surrounding area.


NMA FCT Chapter President Enema Amodu made the call Sunday at a press conference to reveal the programs lined up for the association’s 2022 Scientific Conference/Annual General Meeting (AGM).He said: “There have been bold inroads into the FCT lately, and this would have a negative impact on the FCT’s socio-economic indices and, by extension, the nation as a whole.”


Therefore, he called on the federal government to take very definite steps to curb the evolving threat within and around FCT.


The president also said that the programs lined up for the week-long 2022 AGM/Scientific Conference would be unique in that health insurance topics would be discussed.He said the topic of the 2022 AGM/Scientific Conference would be primarily on the National Health Insurance Authority Act, a bill he said was before the National Assembly, sponsored by Ibrahim Oloriegbe.


According to him, the importance of the health insurance law cannot be overstated if Nigeria is to achieve broader universal health coverage to change the narrative of the health sector.


He said that other issues that continue to stifle the development of the health sector, such as intra-professional rivalry, will also be discussed.

This AGM will also see the election of new officers to take the lead; Since there can only be one person at a time, I call on all contestants to play politics without malice or bitterness.


“NMA belongs to all of us, and at the end of the day, NMA will win,” he emphasized.

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