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Omah Lay Net Worth (Updated )

Omah Lay Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Omah Lay Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Omah Lay Net Worth (Updated 2022)

What is Omah Lay net worth??

According to our website Omah Lay net worth is estimated at around $849,000 (N424 Million Naira) he was able to surpass 100 Million steams globally in the first two years of his career.



Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer and also a songwriter, he is counted among the well know n singers in Nigeria. in 2022 Omah Lay net worth is estimated at around $849,000 (N424 Million Naira).


Omah Lay has worn the heart of millions of people not only here in his country Nigerian but all over the continent of Africa. His songs are played in every corner of the Continent.

there is no doubt that Omah Lay has an extra ordinary talent when it comes to singing music, also Omah Lay is among the artist the get to achievement fame and success In their early years.


There are a lot of people that keep demanding for Omah Lay net worth many people wants to know how much this Young artist makes from the songs he has been singing.Well when it comes to money or Net worth Omah Lay isn’t that rich as you might be thinking; but he has an extra ordinary life just like many other celebrities.


In this piece of content we are going to determine Omah Lay net worth by simply calculating all of his earnings into the Nigerian music industry. Also bear in mind that this net worth is more of a prediction.


So let’s dive in


Net worth $849,000

Source of Income Music & Endorsement Deals

Omah Lay Biography and Net worth 2022.

Before we start calculating Omay Lay Net worth lets first look at his biography and entertainment career so as to understand who he is


Stanley Omah Didia who is famously known as Omay Lay was born and raised in the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. The veteran singer was born on the 19 of May 1998.Omah Lay started his music career in 2019 and by 2020 he was able to get his big break According to his profile on Wikipedia it written that he started his music career with a group of people called Lil king.


Also Omah Lay is among the singers that doesn’t have a formal education in Nigerian there is no record of him attending or graduating from a university..


Like said earlier the main reason why we write this content is to know Omah Lay net worth so let’s not waste time on his biography.


Let’s start calculating his net worth in 2022


Omah Lay Income from streams

We all know that this is a general means by which every singer makes money, as long as people keep listening to their music online they keep making a lot of money from it.


Streaming site put ads in their music and whenever someone interact with the ads they get a little profit from it. So to know Omah Lay net worth we must know how much he has been making from all his streams.According the research that we have conducted we found out that Omay Lay has the total number of 100 million streams globally and on monetizing these streams it will be an estimated revenue of $300,000


Now that we have known Omah Lay income from the streams the he gets let’s check his YouTube channel and see what we can find.


Omah Lay Income from YouTube

this is also another means by which many Nigerian singers makes their own money, anytime an artist upload a music video on YouTube, an ads is been put into the video and when people watches the ads he get paid for that.


So to complete Omah Lay net worth we must know how much he has been making from all the video views he has been getting from YouTube.


On average YouTube pays anywhere from $0.003 to $0.005 per view depending on the nature of the video and according to the internet Omah Lay YouTube channel has the total number of 155 million video views and over 700,000 subscribers.


So if we are going to monetize these video views it will be an estimated income of $349,000


Which is a lot of money in naira.


Omah Lay Income from endorsement Deals

this the last means by which Omah Lay makes his own money, anytime he gets and endorsement deal from a brand he get a lot of money from it.


So to complete his net worth we must know how much has made from all the endorsement deals he has been getting in the years of his career and how much did he make from all of them.Well based on the source on the internet it was reported that Omay Lay have only had one endorsement deals in the years of his, he signed a contract worth $200,000 with Apple Music Africa.


Now that we have known Omah Lay income from the endorsement deals that he has been bagging it’s time we make an ending to this content by telling his net worth.


Omah Lay Net Worth 2022

Based on the calculations made Omah Lay net worth is estimated at around $849,000 (N424 Million Naira) he is among the musical artist that gain fame and success in a short period of time

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