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onions health  

Health Advantages
Onions are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and have been linked to a number of health benefits, including:

Per Serving Nutritional Nutrients

A 12-cup serving of chopped, raw white onion contains the following nutrients:
32 calories
7 gram carbohydrate
1 gram protein
0 gram of fat
1 gram fiber
3 gram sugar
Onions are also a good source of the following nutrients:

Vitamins C and B6
Copper Manganese Potassium




Cancer Risk Reduction
Many types of onions contain a plethora of chemicals that aid in the fight against cancer. Onions are one of the richest food sources of quercetin, a nutrient known to inhibit the activity or creation of cancer-causing elements. A diet high in quercetin has been linked to a lower risk of developing lung cancer.

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
Organic sulfur compounds are found in onions. These compounds are responsible for onions’ sharp, pungent taste and odor. Organic sulfur compounds help lower cholesterol levels in the body and may also aid in blood clotting ,Clots are less likely to form, lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke. To get the most sulfur compounds from onions, eat them raw rather than cooked.

May Be Beneficial to Heart Health
Onions contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, lower triglycerides, and lower cholesterol levels, all of which may reduce the risk of heart disease. Their potent anti-inflammatory properties may also aid in the reduction of high blood pressure and the prevention of blood clots.

Diabetes Management
Onions’ quercetin and organic sulfur compounds are both known to promote insulin production,
making them a good vegetable choice for diabetics.

Reduced Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Flavonoids are derived from plants and are abundant in onions. According to one study, people who consume a high-flavonoid diet on a long-term basis have a lower risk of developing
Alzheimer’s disease.

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