Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit is known by many names. For most of the United States, it labeled as passion fruit or passion fruit. In Hawaii, it is known as liliko’i or lilikoi.
Passion fruit is native to Brazil. However, it is now grown all over in the world in tropical and subtropical climates.

There are many varieties of passion fruit. The most common ones have purple or yellow skin.
yellow skin.

Where to buy passion fruit?
The fresh passion fruits used in this recipe post come from Rincon Tropics. It’s a 6th generational family farm in Carpinteria, California. They specialize in subtropical fruits.

The family farm has been in operation since 1871. Place an order for passionfruits, avocados, cherimoya, and other fruits on through their Instagram page.
Many supermarkets carry fresh passion fruit. You’ll find in the tropical fruit section along with mango, dragonfruit, and papaya.

Frozen passion fruit pulp (or puree) is widely available. I highly recommend this frozen puree. If you live in the LA/OC area, it is available for sale at Surfas.

Most chain supermarkets sell Goya frozen passion fruit pulp. It is photographed and detailed in this these passion fruit rosé popsicles.
How to eat passion fruit
These fruits are ripe when the skin is wrinkled, like the image above. Upon purchase, passion fruit generally has a smooth shell. Leave at room temperature until the skin has wrinkled.
Ideally, you want to pick ones that feel heavy for their size. That means there is likely more pulp inside!

Slice the fruit open and eat the pulp and seeds found inside.

I suggest using a small serrated knife to easily slice through the passionfruit skin.

Passion fruit pulp and seeds can be enjoyed straight out of the fruit. It is also delicious spooned on top of yogurt and oatmeal, or baked into sweet treats.

Is passion fruit acidic or alkaline?
passion fruit is alkaline.

Passion fruit has an 8.5 pH level once digested. Most fresh fruits are alkaline.
What is passion fruit juice good for?
Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C boosts the immune system by helping the body absorb more iron from plant-based foods, and may improve the body’s ability to fight off infections in the body.
Does passion fruit juice make you sleepy?
The juice but mainly the leaves of passion fruit contain the alkaloids, including Harman, which has blood pressure lowering, sedative and antispasmodic action. The passion fruit leaves are used in many countries as medicines. The flower of passion fruit has a mild sedative and can help to induce sleep.
Can I drink passion at night?
Sugary cereals are bad, but the healthy combination of carbohydrates and protein helps your body produce hormones that will help you relax before bed. Passion fruit. You can eat the raw fruit, or drink passion fruit juice or tea. It contains a chemical called somniferum, which helps bring on sleep
Is passion fruit good for skin?
Passion fruit is the best source of vitamin A, a nutrient that is beneficial for the skin. It contains vitamin C and vitamin B that are essential for skin health too. It makes your skin complexion better and delays the signs of premature ageing.

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