Pastor Dies Attempting To Copy Jesus’ 40-Day Fast.


A Mozambican pastor, Francisco Barajah, has died after fasting for 40 days, in an attempt to copy Jesus Christ who is recorded in the Bible to have fasted for 40 days….…..continue reading >>>>>>>


Barajah was the founder of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in the central province of Manica.


He reportedly died on Wednesday while being treated at a hospital in Beira where he was taken for treatment after his condition deteriorated, BBC News reports……...continue reading >>>>>>>




He was taken to the hospital by his relations who were worried that he had lost so much weight after fasting for 25 days and could no longer stand or walk.


He, however, died before he could be revived.




Believers at his church and his neighbours were reportedly not shocked by the turn of events, due to his extreme weight loss and disfigured body frame in his last days………continue reading >>>>>>>