Period pain – what is period pain

Period pains


You may not feel so good when you get your period, or right before your period. If this is not you, count yourself lucky!

Stomach aches and a bad mood

Sometimes you may feel tired, grumpy, or sad right before your period. This is pretty common. Most of it’s related to the changes in your hormones levels.


What can you do when you’ve got period pains?

Here are some suggestions:


For stomach aches

Use a hot water bottle/bag on your stomach to ease the cramps

Take a paracetamol or aspirin


For a headache

Take a paracetamol or aspirin


For bloating or swelling

Cut down the amount of salt you eat for a few days before your period.


For tiredness

Take vitamin supplements that include Calcium (drink milk)

Have plenty of rest and try to get eight hours of sleep


For moodiness

Exercising regularly for up to 30 minutes a day helps maintain a happy outlook on life


For food cravings like chocolate

Eat dark chocolate, yoghurt, or drink milk


If you’ve got extreme pain, and these suggestions don’t help or you have problems like irregular cycles or excessive blood flow, contact your nearest health care provider for more guidance.

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