Prof Zainab Dike Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Networth, Wife, Children, Nationality

Prof Zainab Dike Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Networth, Wife, Children, Nationality.

Prof Zainab Dike Biography

Professor Dike Zainab hails from the African nation of Nigeria. Prof. Dike Zainab is a native of Abuja, which is located in Nigeria. According to a number of different news reports, he is a professor in Nigeria who specializes in legal studies. Because he is a VIP Professor, further protection has been provided for him. On September 22nd, Professor Dike Zainab caused a stir in the media when he assaulted the female police officer who was assigned to his home and also instructed his maid to beat the officer. The Nigerian Police Department detained Professor Dike Zainab on September 22, 2022, for the crime of assaulting a female police officer.   Profile
Real Name Dike Zainab Professor Nick Name Dike Zainab Popular Name Prof Dike Zainab Date of Birth NA From Area 11 Abuja, Garki, Nigeria School Name NA Higher Education LAW University/ College Name University or College in Nigeria Caste NA Religion NA Hobbies Writing Profession Professor. Prof Dike Zainab Family
When it comes to the specifics of his family, neither his father nor his mother’s name are known to us. Now we will explore his father. The specifics of his brother or sister are unknown. How old is Prof Dike Zainab(Age)? It is unknown when he was born, and neither the time nor the location of his birth are known. It is unknown how old he is. Prof Dike Zainab Wife, Girlfriend It has come to our attention through many sources of information that his marital status is unknown, and that he does not disclose any private information to the general public. Career According to some News Sources Dike Zainab is Professor and law Graduated so he or she must be a Lawyer.   Facts Professor Dike Zainab is a member of the team. Dike Zainab is from Nigeria. Professor Dike Zainab works at the Area 11 Abuja campus. Because of their attack on a Nigerian female police officer, the name “Prof. Dike Zainab” has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

FAQ about Prof Dike Zainab

  • Who is Dike Zainab?
  • Dike Zainab is a Professor from Area 11 Abuja Nigeria.
  • What is The Age of Dike Zainab?
  • The age of Dike Zainab is not Known.
  • What is The Net Worth of Dike Zainab?
  • The Net Worth of Dike Zainab is in Millions.
  • What is the Partner Name of Dike Zainab?
  • The Partner name of Dike Zainab is not known

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