Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth?

Queen Elizabeth II's net worth?

What is Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth? Income sources, expenditure.

Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth?

The royal family is, well, super wealthy (and it doesn’t take too many episodes of The Crown to confirm). From elegant tiaras to expansive wardrobes, there’s no end to the number of perks a member of the royal family might receive. And the properties? Castles, estates, and more fill the British royals’ portfolios.But what about Queen Elizabeth herself? Turns out, the 95-year-old reigning monarch actually has quite the hefty net worth. And yes, she does get paid to rule.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Queen’s sizable fortune:


The Queen owns a lot of expensive properties.

Much of the Queen’s wealth comes from the properties she owns, like the $140 million Balmoral Castle and the $65 million Sandringham House. She also owns marine land all around the United Kingdom, as well as some farms, according to Reader’s Digest. The Queen inherited all of her estates from her father (King George VI, for anyone who knows their royal history!).However, the Queen does not own Buckingham Palace. It technically belongs to the Crown Estate—but, of course, they let her use it whenever she likes.


Queen Elizabeth has also collected and inherited tons of valuables over the years.

The Queen also owns plenty of impressive artifacts and curios. She inherited one of the world’s largest stamp collections from her grandfather. It’s valued at around $134 million, according to The Sun, and some of the stamps are worth over $2 million alone.


She inherited most of her mother’s estate, too—all $94 million of it, per the BBC. From china to horses to an entire collection of Faberge eggs, the list of items the Queen added to her assets is pretty long.


Queen Elizabeth II’s Most Glamorous Jewels And Tiaras.

She is also the proud owner of many private furniture and jewelry collections, per Reader’s Digest. And that includes the dozens of tiaras that the ladies in the royal family wear for weddings and other major events. The Queen’s own coronation regalia contains one stone that’s so massive, it even has its own name: The Cullinan II diamond weighs in at a whopping 317 carats, according to Vogue Australia.


In addition to that, there’s artwork, investments, and more. The Queen’s personal assets total around $500 million, per Forbes—not too shabby.


And, yep, the Queen does get paid to rule.

Just like the President gets paid, so does Queen Elizabeth (kind of). She receives a stipend from the government each year, according to Reader’s Digest, and the money is connected to her position. The stipend includes taxpayer money and the Duchy of Lancaster, another collection of commercial properties that helps fund the Queen’s private income. These homes aren’t a part of the Crown Estate, though.

Her stipend is called the Sovereign Grant, and it’s paid to the Queen each spring. Oh, and it’s no small amount: The most recent grant totaled a whopping $120 million, per Forbes. 25 percent (or around $30 million) goes to the royal family, while the other 75 percent (a.k.a. $90 million) goes to the British Treasury.


But there are rumors that the Queen might be worth even more.

Recently, a bombshell report from The Guardian argued that the Queen “successfully lobbied the government to change a draft law in order to conceal her ‘embarrassing’ private wealth from the public” back in the 1970s. The law supposedly “placed a veil of secrecy over the Queen’s private shareholdings and investments until at least 2011.”However, not everyone agrees that this really happened. A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace rejected the idea, stating that “any assertion that the sovereign has blocked legislation is simply incorrect.” Interesting.


Give it to me straight: Just how much is the Queen really worth?

Queen Elizabeth’s net worth totals a stunning $600 million, according to Reader’s Digest. If that sounds huge, it’s because it is. The Queen’s fortune ranks in at exactly double Paris Hilton’s—although she’s still not a billionaire, like Rihanna.

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