Reason why people still [email protected] their exes–Why do we go back to an ex for s*x even after a breakup?

Reason why people still [email protected] their exes–Why do we go back to an ex for s*x even after a breakup?

So, why do we slip up and still have sxx with them even when the relationship is over?


Break-ups are difficult! You’ve spent so much time with this person, you talk all day and night, you send each other memes and funny videos, and suddenly they are gone from your life. It can feel incredibly lonely especially when they were your source of constant sxx


1. Loneliness

Even though we know they are not good for us, we still go back to them to fill in the boredom. Jared said, “We had such a huge fight that led to the breakup, but we are egotistical and don’t wanna change or apologize, but we are horny so we just come together and have s*x. The next morning, we are still upset and she would say things like ‘Why don’t you always act before thinking?’ Nothing has changed, but we just needed to get off.”


2. Familiarity

They know the things you like and want, and they have adequate knowledge of your body. Such familiarity is hard to come by. Doyin said, “We broke up but we were still having s*x for a year, he would come over and we would have s*x and he would go back to his house.”


3. Residual feelings

Residual feelings can be sparked in an instant. Maybe you met at a party or they came over to pick up their things and before you know it you are back at it. Saheed went to a house party with friends where he didn’t think he would see his ex but he did. They had rented out an air BnB with a couple of friends, they found themselves paired in the same room and the s*x came easily.


4. The breakup was a mistake

If the breakup wasn’t mutual, one person might use s*x to hold on to the relationship. Sammie said, “My ex-girlfriend new boyfriend used to beat her, and she would come to me to cry and then we would have sex while I consoled her.”


5. Simplify the relationship

Some people don’t want the tag of a relationship but want to do everything a couple does with no strings attached. So, they break up and just become fuck buddies.

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