See Why This Small Nigerian Boy Married this Woman Old Enough to be His Mother (Photos)

The traditional wedding photos of a bride posing alongside a little boy who is young enough to be her son on her wedding day, have emerged online and gone viral……..continue reading >>>>>>>


Nigerian wedding bride with her groom’s younger brother

A Nigerian Facebook user identified as Qasim Aliy Balogun, has taken to the social networking platform to post photos of a wedding bride posing alongside a very little boy as her groom.

At first thought, it was assumed the much older lady was marrying the underage little boy, an act which had sparked earlier outrage and protest from social media users………continue reading >>>>>>>

But further investigation has reveald that the man who was supposed to be beside his bride during their traditional introduction/wedding, was in far away UAE, and was represented by his younger brother.

The show must go on right? Your guess is as good as ours………continue reading >>>>>>>

See more photos below;