signs your partner no longer wants you

signs your partner no longer wants you

signs your partner no longer wants you

signs that your partner is falling out of love with you

Love is not the only thing which is required to sustain a relationship. It needs commitment and adjustment.


No relationship is perfect. No matter how hard it sounds, it’s a true fact that not all relationships last forever, but if you can identify the signs of a dying relationship, you can prepare yourself for it from an early stage.




Were you and your partner inseparable the first time you started dating but lately do you feel like things have been off between you two?


Emotions can be messy and hard to decipher. I understand how heartbreaking it is to watch someone you care about start to loose interest but at the same time I would like to you know that you deserve better. With that said here are eight telltale signs that your partner is falling out of love with you.

1. They use less texting emojis with you

Sounds silly, right? But if your partner often uses emojis and starts being sparse with them, this indicates that they aren’t having as much fun with you anymore.


You’ll notice how, lately, they aren’t as open to you as they used to be, they talk more to their friends because now they’re hesitant to speak their mind around you any more. There’s eventually a communication gap building up. You may also start to notice they’re becoming more emotionally closed off.


Researchers who study people falling out of love call this ‘mate ejection’ it is similar to a disk ejecting from a computer drive. People start to drift away from one another when they feel unfulfilled in the relationship whether it’s on a physical level or emotional level.


2. They minimise physical contact with you


According to a study, along with closed off communication people who fall out of love tend to look at and touch each other less. This includes how frequently both of you get intimate.


Physical connection is important in a healthy relationship. So, when there’s little to no hugging, kissing and cuddling, it’s hard to feel like there’s anything real and true between you two. Affection is supposed to be welcomed not seen as an annoyance.

3. They notice more of your flaws


When people first fall in love, they can’t help but adore all the little quirks that made their significant other, who they’re. Like, their need to win at everything or correct other people’s grammar all the time but as one’s feeling start to fade, so does their fondness for the so-called quirks.

You’ll find these flaws which they once even adored, become harder to ignore for them and they’ll be more irritated around you. It’s a subtle shift in their attitude towards you, but it’s also an early warning that your partner may be falling out of love with you.

4. They avoid making & cancel plans with you


In healthy relationships, people find a balance between being with their partners and being by themselves but when your partner falls out of love with you, they start to embrace solitude more intensely or go out and do things without you.


If you notice, they stop inviting you out to functions with their friends and family or often cancel dinner plans and choose not to celebrate special occasions with you such as your anniversary or birthday then this is a big indicator that they no longer feel the same way towards you.

5. You find yourself doing more work than usual to keep the two of you floating


A relationship is a two-way street, so, no individual should be doing all the work. If you find yourself putting in more effort or making all the sacrifices but not getting any of that reciprocated then maybe it’s time to sit your partner down and have the big talk. You deserve to be loved and treated well, although all relationships require work to sustain, they also require happiness.

6. They no longer picture a future with you


One of the greatest thing about falling in love with someone is that you look forward to building a future with them and vice versa. You both used to think and discuss how you’re to celebrate your anniversaries, what trips to go on together and even ask each other serious questions about commitment and even marriage when you reach a certain age.

So, if now, you find your significant other suddenly avoiding these talks and getting irritated by them every time you bring something as such up, then there’s definitely trouble in paradise. Because it shows, they no longer feel that this relationship is meant to last and they’re maybe also entertaining the possibility of no longer having you in their life in the years to come.

7. They stop prioritizing your relationship & you


Do they frequently forget about your dates and other important plans you’d with them? Do they cancel on you the last minute and spend all their time focusing on their work, studies or other relationships but you?


When they stop making your relationship a priority in their life, it means that they no longer value it, they’re not willing to compromise for you, make sacrifices for you or set some time aside for you because they’re already falling out of love. They don’t feel lucky to be with you anymore and they’ve stopped seeing the relationship with you as special.

8. They eventually stop fighting with you


Even when a couple is going through rough patches, there’s no excuse as to why anyone stops trying. When someone falls out of love, they no longer care enough to even fight back instead they will grow cold and indifferent.


You might catch yourself yelling just to make a scene hoping to get their attention but your partner ignores you.

9. They no longer respect you


Finally, but perhaps most importantly not respecting your partner is a, sure enough, sign that one has fallen out of love. In any relationship, respect is every bit as crucial as love because it often comes hand-in-hand with trust, care and support.


Whatever may be the reason, if your partner has become apathetic towards you and driven a wedge between you both. Realize that the moment they start disrespecting you, is the moment you should know that you no longer have any second chances left to be given to them.


Every time we fall in love, a part of us is always hoping that we’ve finally met the one we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with. That’s why it’s so hard for us to make up our minds about whether or not we should leave a relationship when we no longer feel happy.


Staying for the wrong person is only going to fill you with more discontentment as time goes on. When a relationship isn’t working, sometimes it hurts less letting go than it does to hold on.

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