Stewart’s net worth

Stewart's net worth

Martha Stewart’s net worth at 80 reflects her incredible career.

Stewart’s net worth

We’ve all heard of Martha Stewart. If you haven’t seen her on TV, you’ve probably read one of her books or something else she’s created during her extensive and impressive career. Stewart is now 80 years old and has racked up a pretty substantial CV – and a healthy bank balance too!


The entrepreneur and businesswoman has started multiple companies under her name and, when she launched Martha Stewart Omnimedia, she became the first American self-made female billionaire. Sadly, over time, the company’s market cap dropped – but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still doing well for herself.


Reality Titbit has all the details on Martha’s net worth as well as how she made her money and her career as a multi-faceted entrepreneur.

Martha Stewart’s net worth

CelebrityNetWorth reports Martha Stewart is worth a whopping $400 million. The TV personality has earned this fortune through multiple businesses that are part of the Martha Stewart Brand, which includes TV, magazines and home products.Stewart was worth more than a billion dollars at one point but over time the market cap of her company, Martha Stewart Omnimedi, more than halved. Stewart became a billionaire when she and business partner Sharon Patrick secured funding in 1997 to purchase all the television, print and merchandising ventures associated with her brand.


Despite her losing money, I don’t think she will be complaining about a $400 million bank balance.

Martha Stewart’s impressive career

What really kick-started Martha’s career was when she published her first book. The success of that propelled her into publishing more, including bestsellers Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook, Martha Stewart’s Hors D’Oeuvres, and Martha Stewart’s Pies And Tarts.The businesswoman also has experience as a journalist. During her early career she wrote multiple columns and magazine articles and also appeared on television programmes such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.


A big part of Martha’s career and one of her proudest moments was when she signed with Time Publishing Ventures in 1990 and launched her own magazine, Martha Stewart Living.


Stewart also acted as editor in chief of the magazine and it became so successful she ended up having a TV show named after her – Martha Stewart Living – that ran from 1993 to 2004.

Martha’s early life and education

Martha was born in Jersey City in New Jersey on 3 August 1941. Slhe comes from a big family, being the second of six children.


Her family moved to New Jersey when she was just three and she ended up going to study at Barnard College of Columbia University.


During her teen years she modelled and appeared in TV commercials. She also carried this through her college years to help support her financially while she was studying – modelling for big brands such as Chanel.


Martha met future husband Andrew Stewart while he was at Yale University studying law and the couple ended up tying the knot in 1961 while she was still studying. Martha graduated the following year with a double degree in architectural history – as well as a husband.

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