The top comedian and his partner, Nonso Adika announced their engagement in July.

Lasisi Elenu is officially a dad! The comedian and his wife recently confirmed the arrival of their first child, Rain Olanma Oluwanifemi Afolabi.Blessings they say comes in different shapes and sizes, and this time, ours came in the shape of a beautiful, colorful and extraordinary baby. I personally had a gaze of disbelief when you were born as I was lost for words just admiring and appreciating the goodness of God for a blessing this Big,” Lasisi Elenu wrote on Instagram in a video detailing the birth experience.Lasisi and Nonso Adika got married in a private ceremony back in July. Recall that the comedian announced their engagement via Instagram with an adorable message about meeting her and asking her to be his wife.


“I’m not a romantic, so I won’t come here and lie and tell you that the first time I saw her, my eyes flew out of my socket, “Well, it did not” or that when she smiles butterflies fill my stomach, “duuuur, butterfly still Dey this Naija” But what I do know is this, She my ride or die, and she got my back as I her,” Elenu wrote.So a while ago on one faithful day, after all my strong mouth and bragging based on say I be “Golden Boy Sinzu Money” I went down on one Knee and I asked this beautiful, precious and extraordinary woman to be my wife and spend the rest of our Telemundo days together while sipping mojitos and chewing on some Chinese beef and she said YES!!


The couple later shared that they were expecting their first child together.

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