Using saliva as lubricant during sex is ruining your health – medical experts

Using saliva as lubricant during sex is ruining your health – medical experts Like the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and what is good for oral health, is bad news for vaginal health According to evidence from research, saliva is the root cause of many bacterial and fungal infections that terrorise the female reproductive system with disorders. Dr. Nathanael Mtinangi of Muhimbili Hospital says that the human mouth contains a multitude of bacteria known as “oral micro flora” which are beneficial to oral health, however, when they come into contact with the bacteria called Lactobuciluss and Candida Albicans which are found in the vagina, the result is filth and unpleasant odor.   “Remember that they are a different type of bacteria, so they cannot live together, this results into conflict and cause either the visiting or resident bacteria to weaken. Saliva cannot even be as slippery as expected which can easily cause tear because it gets dried up easily. Also, if the person has bad breath it can cause horrible smelling discharge,” says Jane Muzo, a gynecologist from Aga Khan Hospital.   The Bible adage “give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give God what belongs to God” couldn’t be more perfect in this scenario.   Couples are advised to spend more time engaging in foreplay to create enough sexual stimulation for adequate lubrication.   “So, the best thing is to engage in foreplay to get wet before the real action. But if that is not attainable, get artificial lubricant,” she added.   Saliva shouldn’t be a replacement for artificial lubricants which can be found in registered pharmacies only. Purchasing lubricants from hawkers and popular health practitioners is not recommended.

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