ways to have smooth skin without breaking the bank

ways to have smooth skin without breaking the bank


ways to have smooth skin without breaking the bank

Indisputably, having smooth skin is desirable by many people, both men and women. People invest heavily in beauty products that can smoothen their skin and get rid of nasty bumps on their bodies, particularly the face.


The global skincare products market was valued at $124bn in 2018 and projected to hit $180bn by 2027, according to India-based market research firm, Coherent Market Insights.


Skincare products have increased in popularity, with interest in natural and organic ingredients and the use of social media for campaign by beauty companies.


In fact, the competition in the skincare industry has become tense as new skincare products and brands are being launched at a fast pace.


According to experts, women, who are the primary consumers of skincare products, have in recent times developed more appetite for anti-ageing products while men are also not left behind.


However, when it comes to beauty routine and taking care of your skin, skincare experts have debunked the myth of having to spend so much money to have

Lending credence to the expression, “the best things in life really are free,” the experts said taking care of the skin didn’t need investment in lasers, serums or expensive skincare products.


If you have swollen eyes, that’s no issue to worry about. You don’t need to go for an expensive eye cream to get rid of the swell. According to United States-based celebrity facialist, Cecilia Wong, you could use your fingers to give yourself an under-eye massage.


“Use your ring fingers to press gently on the orbital bone, moving from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer and repeating two to three times,” Wong said.


She said this would not only stimulate circulation, but it would also help minimise fine lines and reduce inflammation.


Another US-based celebrity facialist and La Mer global skincare adviser, Georgia Louise, is also a huge proponent of massage all over the face to stimulate collagen and activate the skincare products you use. “Your hands are your most powerful weapon,” she said.

Change your pillowcase


Many people, especially in a busy city like Lagos, perhaps hate to add laundry to their to-do lists. However, keeping your pillowcases clean is said to be a top beauty secret. Pillowcases can hang on to dirt, oil and bacteria from our faces, hair and environment and can become a breeding ground for acne.


Skincare experts advised changing the pillowcase at least once a week to reduce the risk of a breakout.


Louise recommended a silk pillowcase to “keep your products from escaping from your skin, so you can really ensure they are penetrating.” Silk pillowcases are said to not only help ward off wrinkles but also make your hair shinier.


Silk pillowcases are best because they have no creases meaning no long-term creases on your skin.


3 Sleep on your back


United States-based aesthetician Renée Rouleau said one of the oldest skincare tips was to get eight hours of sleep. However, as essential as how much sleep you’re getting is, so is the position in which you sleep really matters.

After an ultraviolet exposure, the second most common cause of wrinkles is squishing your face into a pillow at night,” Rouleau said.


“It’s like ironing wrinkles into your skin. Sleeping on your back is ideal since even pressing your cheek into a pillow can cause lines.”


4 Wash your hands


Another US-based aesthetician, Joanna Vargas, said to get smooth skin, people should not only wash their hands after going to the toilet, but often.

She said, “Your hands are covered in tons of bacteria from touching doorknobs, keyboards and so on. When you touch your face, you’re spreading bacteria to your skin, which then can trigger breakouts and other skin problems.


“If you don’t have easy access to a sink but know your hands are dirty, maybe you just alighted from the vehicle, don’t touch your face with the hands until you have the chance to wash them.”


5 Put salt on any skin spot

If you have a spot on your face, you’ve got two options: you could either place ice on it to help bring the inflammation down or even better, you could rub salt on it.


Skincare expert, Karen Young, said sea salt had powerful antibacterial properties which could pull oil from the pore.


She recommended combining one teaspoon of sea salt with enough water to form a paste.


“Dot this on the offending spot, let it dry for up to an hour (10 minutes for sensitive skin types), and then rinse it off,” she explained.


6 Make a homemade peel


Homemade masks are common, but not homemade peels. The celebrity facialist, Louise, recommended making homemade peel to have smooth skin. Making the peel requires a few household staples: baking soda, water and a splash of lemon juice.


“Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water and squeeze in a little lemon juice. Apply it to your face and let it dry for five minutes before rinsing with water. Allot another five minutes for checking out your newly radiant skin,” she said.Bend over


The skincare expert, Young, recommended bending the body over to have really smooth skin. “Our skin benefits from poses that send blood flowing towards the face,” she said.


She added, “You don’t have to step foot into a class or let the word ‘namaste’ out of your mouth to reap the skin perks of yoga.


“Even holding a ‘Downward Dog’ (a downward-facing pose in yoga) for three to five minutes can boost circulation, giving your skin a glow.”


Wash your face with ice water


Facialist , Louise, recommends washing the face using ice water to have glowing skin.


“I think it’s awesome to have a mega rinse with cool water if your skin is in need of refreshing,” she said. “Not only does the chilly temperature make you feel more awake, but it can also quickly reduce puffiness, tighten pores, and calm inflammation.”

Is smooth skin healthy?

Texture is fine, as long as it’s consistent texture.


“Healthy skin looks and feels smooth,” Brannon and Gallagher said on VeryWell.com. “If you look at healthy skin up close, the surface appears to be regularly irregular.


How to Get Smooth Skin

How to Get Smooth Skin

Exfoliate To Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells and Improve Texture. …

Cleanse Your Skin With a Moisturizing Body Wash. …

Moisturize Your Skin as Soon as You Get Out of the Shower. …

Wear Sunscreen Every Day To Protect Your Skin. …

Apply a Body Butter Before Bed To Deeply Nourish Your Skin

What is glass skin?

Glass skin is when your skin is at its very healthiest,” explains Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. “In order for skin to appear poreless, luminous, and translucent, so many things have to happen. You can’t just be hydrated and look that way. … ‘ They’ll say ‘bouncy skin,’ ‘clear skin,’ or ‘luminous skin.

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